A gyermekkori hinta és a függőágy egyre népszerűbb szerelemgyereke a függőszék.

Kényelmes lazítást tesz lehetővé, akár bent a házban, vagy kint a kertben.  Olyan kényelmes, mint egy fotel és közben lágyan ringat. Várhatunk többet egy bútortól?

Evening! The last 24hrs have mainly been about this @aldiuk hanging garden chair & squishes! ??‍♀️ . So the chair I can handle! It seems that a lot of us have a lot of love for it! And I’ve never had so many DMs as a result saying it’s been bought, shame I wasn’t getting commission ? I first saw this on @malmo_and_moss stories who saw it on @patirobins stories! Never did I think I would end up having such a serious shopping addiction because of @instagram ?? . I’ve also never shared this view of my garden before as it’s never been very pretty. As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a terraced house with an ok sized garden, it’s just a bit narrow and not very luscious & forest like, like some of the gardens on insta that I am forever swooning over! ? Some people choose a garden over a house, in fact my Mum did, she had always lived in a period property with original features but opted for a bungalow (which was still old but no period features of high ceilings) a few years ago because it came with a 200ft garden & a stream! It’s beautiful!! ? did you pick your house for the garden?! . And on the garden front I desperately need to plant things that are low maintenance and won’t die, please help if you can?!! I popped some of my new indoor house plants from the lovely @thelittlebotanical to add some greenery due to the lack of it in my planters ? but will share a closer view of these in my revamped guest bedroom over the weekend! . Oh & before I forget when I referred to “squishes,” I mean those toys that seem to be the latest craze & I had a box full of them which arrived today & that’s all the little ladies are talking about & fighting over..actually they’ve been fighting over the chair too! ??‍♀️? . #myhyggehome #hygge #garden_styles #hangingchair #eggchair #hyggelig #sunnydays #summermood #smallspaceliving #smallspacesquad #victorianterrace #bhghome #myinterior #interior125 #interior123 #gardening #gardenlife #ikeaatmine #ikeafamily #luxuryinteriorsonabudget #styleithappy #myinteriorstyletoday #interior4you1 #interior4inspo #backyard #backyard_dreams #backyardgarden #interiorstylist #interiorblogger #cardiff

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Can't think of a better time or season to get a swing chair than now ?⛱

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Most is szívesen meditálnánk egy ilyenben, igaz?

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