Rohanó, műanyag világunkban megnyugvást ad egy csipet természet az otthonunkban. 

A pihenés fontos, ezért a hálószobánk berendezése is az. Aki szereti a természetes dolgokat, ezeket az ágyakat imádni fogja. Eddig csak vidéki nyaralókban, vagy erdei vadászházakban alhattunk ilyenbe, de miért ne lehetne otthon is?

I share the story about where this bed came from, nearly 16 years ago, back when we were newly weds; you can find that story at the very beginning of my Instagram life, If you scroll way,way,way down… my husband actually helped drag this wood out of a mountainous forest and watched the logs be formed by machines and talented men. And tonight, as I lie in my bed, my heart tainted with melancholy, I admittedly find myself in season of waiting. Waiting for answers. Waiting for spring. Waiting for clarity. Waiting for physical healing. Waiting for direction. Waiting. Ever since I was a little girl, waiting was never my favorite moment, let alone an entire season of it; I remember simply waiting for my mom to be done shopping while I waited under the clothes racks, or to be picked up from a school activity… and my heart would harbor great impatience. But now, as a grown up, the waiting is even harder, because I’m waiting for such bigger things to happen. My friends,can you do me a great favor? Can you please comment with some encouragement? Perhaps an appropriate Bible verse, or quote, or a simple word of love? Thanks, guys! Appreciate you all so much… . #tulips #vintagedecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #creatinghome #rusticfarmhouse #farmhousefeelsgood #homedecorpullsmyheartstrings #inspiredbyigdecor #styleitupdesign #mydailydwelling #sweetsavvystyle #itsadecorthing #freshandnewdecor #makehomeyourhaven #whitespaceswelove #yoursimplestyle #allbecauseofchipandjo #simplywhiteandbright #bringonthefarmhouse #tuesdaydwellings #fixerupperstyle #mydiyfarmhouse #bhgflowers #bhghome #rusticbedroom #logbed

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My new favourite prop – The Log Bed with darling Noemi all snuggled up! ?

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